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Kevin Hostas Insurance Agency opened in April 2001 with American National Insurance and joined SIG in September 2002. The agency has to start fresh due to American National being a captive company. Kevin Hostas Insurance now employs two agents. We also sell "Ole Country Sausage" made by Kevin Hostas himself, in a variety of flavors: regular, jalapeno with cheese, and hot and spicy. This sausage is sold out of the office daily to customers. Kevin Hostas is also a coin broker, and can provide all customers with his services and products.

Kevin Hostas
Principal Agent

Judy Wheeler


Kevin Hostas Insurance Agency Info

(SIG Seymour)

102 East Reiman
Seymour, Texas 76380
Phone: 940.889.4440
Fax: 940.889.4430

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