With the continual shifts in the insurance marketplace, the size and strength of a group will assure member agencies the stability needed to survive. Though availability of strong, stable markets is the key to success, we can strive to develop solutions and services to help reduce the cost and increase the efficiencies of processing, accounting and automation. We can be a dynamic organization, continually changing to meet the needs of our agencies.

Advantages to joining SIG

  • Top insurance markets
  • Agents share in Insurance Company contingency
  • Marketing expertise
  • Risk analysis expertise - to help get your foot in the door in areas you were not comfortable pursuing before
  • Excellent E&O coverage
  • Each principal agent will benefit from the strengths of the group while managing their profit center
  • Sharing information through web page, list server, newsletter, etc.
  • Automation assistance and training
  • Educational needs are coordinated
  • Additional income opportunities ie: Premium Finance Income
  • Management and Accounting expertise
  • First Class income potential