Historically, agencies have become "bottlenecked" in the daily operations for many reasons. Some of them are: "being all things to all people", computerized overkill, computerization underkill, micro-management, etc. SIG Insurance Services' goal is to structure our entire operation around each sales office being just that - sales. Several methods to accomplish this are:

  • Centralized computer and general management
  • Marketing and Service Center
  • In-house premium finance company
  • Disciplined utilization of markets for personal lines and small commercial accounts that offer "upload/download", service centers, point of sale underwriting/rating
  • Separation of internal functions so that each person has primary sales responsibility or primary support responsibility
  • Sales locations to operate in a near paperless environment
  • Each sales location will be its own profit center with the producer(s) having the opportunity to be rewarded for an overall efficient operations and sales production.
  • Producers will also have the opportunity to have partial equity ownership in their book of business.